Made in Opa-locka turns private homes into sites of living and small-scale enterprise.

These artistically designed live-work spaces attached to existing single-family residences in Magnolia North provide XXX. Striking form-additions attach to these homes and produce live-work spaces for “home-based cottage industries.” Here, small-scale enterprises provide supplementary income and financial independence. As multiple peaks define a larger mountain range, these individual small businesses, one on each block, proclaim the formerly foreclosed neighborhood is back.

We are partnering entrepreneurs, artists, and non-profit organizations with temporary and permanent spaces in which to live and work, re-imagining abandoned single family residences into vibrant civic and entrepreneurial spaces. The goal of the program is to transform Opa-locka’s Magnolia North neighborhood into a vibrant retail and cultural district by attracting, growing, and assisting small-scale, high-quality, long-term neighborhood-oriented businesses.

Community-based Startups

Connect these owner-occupiers with resources to develop small businesses.

Assist with permitting, marketing and resources to grow small, business.

Home-based businesses and services

The products and services from the Micro-Entrepreneurship Program are Made in Opa-locka, producing a strong sense of place and identity for the positive activities underway in Magnolia North.

Business Incubation

These small businesses allow for economic independence by providing entrepreneurial opportunities for residents in Magnolia North.

The pilot phase of three micro-enterprises are intended to serve the immediate Magnolia North community with services and economic opportunities that are currently lacking.


Striking gold-clad additions are made to existing single-family homes, producing live-work spaces for “home-based cottage industries” where small-scale enterprises can provide supplementary income and financial independence.  As multiple peaks define a larger mountain range, these individual small businesses.

I Make in Opa-locka

Whether residents bake a homemade pie or wash clothes for an elderly neighbor, a group

of “makers” will now be able to run local businesses out of live- work spaces attached to their homes. Micro-enterprises require only small building footprints, but announce their presence to the community: these vertical and sculptural structures will provide an array of natural light for entrepreneurs.