About Public Spaces

Made in Opa-locka is a neighborhood-wide design project developed by designers Jennifer Bonner and Christian Stayner. The project creates dynamic public architecture and engaging spaces in one of Miami’s most economically distressed neighborhoods. It does so by turning single and multi- family homes into spaces of civic life, economic potential, and gatherings for the community.

Made in Opa-locka is a network of new facilities to house artists and art organizations, community-based non-for-profit services, new and long-time residents of the neighborhood, and small-scale entrepreneurs. The planned facilities include performance and auditorium spaces; areas for visiting artists to work, live and exhibit; places to enhance learning and education for both adults and children; meeting spaces for large and small groups; technology; spaces to eat and unwind; and spaces for exercise and physical therapy.

From Public Housing to Public Houses

The Made in Opa-locka project is turning formerly derelict single family residences into Public Houses. Drawing on the British tradition of the Public House, which was a privately-owned space open to the public (rather than a private home), traditionally these were drinking establishments (the British “pub” or Roman tavern). Create a low-cost, low risk environment in which to experiment, test and refine community-focused businesses and services.

Membership Structure

Aware of the spatial and budgetary limitations that social service organizations face when working in communities, these facilities will be made available through an innovative membership system.

These community-focused civic spaces distribute community-benefit activity through the neighborhood and share these spaces with a variety of age groups, interests, and employment status. This allows for the leveraging of funding sources and for increasing the vitality and sustainability of realized civic spaces.

Yearly individual membership, provided for free to residents of Magnolia North and at a significantly reduced. An Institutional membership will provides dedicated desk space on a monthly basis plus XXX proportional use of facilities, including the

Courses and Education

Through a network of nonprofit organizations in Opa-locka and Miami-Dade, we will be offering hands-on classes focused on small-scale entrepreneurs committed to producing a vibrant Opa-locka. These courses will be taught by a combination of visiting consultants and successful small entrepreneurs. We initially intend to provide the following courses:

Arts-based Businesses - Introduction to Sewing, Canning and Preserving, Baking Basics

Business Development - Bookkeeping, Operating a Culinary Business, Legal Clinic for Small Business Operators

Technology - Processing Programming, Web Development, Marketing, Promotion, Design