After School Program and Business Incubator

This public space will be open to micro-entrepreneurs during the morning as a business incubator and operate as an after school literacy program in the afternoon. Over-sized tables, desks, benches, and movable storage units introduce a dynamic social setting for entrepreneurs and students to strategize and learn.


A flexible landscape of large, multi-functional furniture objects dominates the interior, combining the conventional office interior with playful oversized furniture characters. The furniture can be rearranged, reconfigured, and deployed by multiple user groups--from technology makers to those running small businesses to elementary school children.

During the day, office seating and other storage pulls out from below the tables. There is seating for working, relaxing, socializing, and meeting. There are lockers for laptops and equipment. A pop-up retail kiosk in one of the sells supplies. There is a conference room for client meetings or group discussions has a projector. High-speed WiFi and a cluster of computers are available, as is a printer. There is a kitchenette area with refrigerator, coffee maker, and stovetop; an ADA-accessible bathroom is adjacent.

In the evenings, a second set of furniture pulls out for after school tutoring and enrichment classes. This furniture is built for occupants of a smaller sort: elementary school children who need a positive, safe space in which to learn and work.