Week 12: Opa-locka Flea Market

The first day I arrived in this city I was taken on a tour, due to the size of the city, a rather quick tour. One of the notable locations was a flea market on the southern part of the city. We did not enter the property but enough was spoken about it to give a sense of importance. I decided it was time to visit the market and see what else interesting goes on in Opa-Locka.

So many tires. It’s astonishing how many tire shops there are upon entering the market. If you are not being flagged down by someone trying to sell you tires you are not in the correct location. The first 15 stalls are all owned by various forms of tire shops: used, new, damaged, etc. It was impressive, the sheer amount of tires that were being peddled. Once you get past the bombardment of car accessories I saw a variety of stalls filled with toilet paper, fruit, and used appliances.

Dispersed within the market are also places to purchase food, which were all closed by the time I arrived that day at 4pm. (The flea market is open until 6pm daily.) My intent was not only to observe how the flea market works in Opa-locka, but also to see what types of businesses were located there.  

Ideally, we might find local entrepreneurs here looking to expand their business to the Triangle. I will return at some point and see what else I can discover.

-- Germane Barnes