Week 17: Meeting with the Client

It's early June in Miami and today Jennifer and I are both in Opa-locka to meet with our client, Dr. Willie Logan of the Opa-locka Community Development Corporation (OLCDC). While Germane is our man-on-the-ground, splitting his time between the OLCDC's main office in the historic downtown of Opa-locka and in Magnolia North, these face-to-face meetings are essential.

This trip we're talking design approach: What's the system of adding small commercial- and service-oriented additions to single-family homes in Magnolia North? How do we ensure they are unique enough to respond to the particularities of their use (from a coffee shop to a laundromat) while still remaining cost-effective to build in bulk? How do we use the zoning overlay we've been discussing with the City of Opa-locka to determine the parameters of the form. It's a discussion that bounces fluidly from design and aesthetics to business planning and construction. In order to shape this discussion we've brought a series of models of these existing houses (in gold) and examples of the formal/structural system we are planning to deploy.

-- Christian Stayner

Meeting with Willie Logan at OLCDC headquarters. 

Meeting with Willie Logan at OLCDC headquarters.