Week 3: Temporary Planning Office

We’ve started a selection process to determine which distressed properties would make likely candidates for either the Public House or Micro-Enterprise sites. Jennifer, who teaches in Atlanta at Georgia Tech, and Christian, who teaches in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan come down to Opa-locka bi-weekly. Last week I spent days walking around the Triangle in order to gather enough information for their arrival. Christian suggested gathering more information for each property beyond the photographs including the property ownership, its current physical condition, the site conditions, and the square footage of the property. With a full catalogue of the homes in place, the team was equipped with enough information to select homes that would best represent the proposal.

During my stay here in Opa-locka, the OLCDC has provided me with a residence large enough to operate as a temporary office. We plastered the walls of the temporary office with the images of all the homes within the Triangle, 93 to be exact. Our goal was to locate properties that were already in foreclosure or severely behind paying its taxes to expedite the purchasing process. From the 93 homes, 11 homes were selected per our design criteria.

The next step is to compile this information into a document for the OLCDC to begin property acquisition. Now we wait.

-- Germane Barnes